Mar 042013
Review: False Covenant

While this book had the same wit and humour that was present in the first book, it was more subdued and less adventurous. Widdershins is obviously still grieving for everyone she lost in the first book, and this reveals self doubt that wasn’t there previously. She is much more human and vulnerable, and a lot less thief-like and confident. Even Ogun seems subdued, which is very unfortunate because it makes him much less present in the book. At times, it is almost possible to forget he is there with Widdershins, which is a shame since he is so central to […]

Jan 252013
Review: Thief's Covenant

If you’re looking for a fun and playful youthful read, this is a book I’d recommend. It is a suspenseful story told with a back forth timeline that lets the reader discover what happened to get to the present, while also living the action in the present. It sounds a bit confusing, but is easy to follow, and adds an extra layer to the mystery. Widdershins and Olgun are a great team. They have a unique partnership that allows them to work well together. For an invisible companion who doesn’t speak, Olgun is quite expressive and has a very well […]