Mar 232015
Review: Vacant

I’ve mentioned before that this is an amazing series that no one seems to be reading. I mean, only one of my Goodreads friends has reviewed this book, and only 7 others have it on their shelves. If you enjoy The Dresden Files, you really do need to check out this series. Start with book one though as each book builds onto the series. This book had so much happen! Adam goes away from his usual spot at Isabella’s side in order to work a case for the FBI. He’s really on his own for a change, and I’m so […]

Jan 142015
Review: Marked

This is a series book for sure, and there is so much series development it’s hard to talk about anything without spoilers. Just SQUEE! and YAY! should be enough to cover my review. No? You need more? Of course you do. I know I do. The characters in this book continue to develop, with lots of page time for Adam and Cherabino, and the Guild too. Yes, the Guild is finally playing a huge part in a book, and the more I learn, the less I like them. As a whole, the Guild is very inclusive and exclusive and frowns […]

Dec 162014
Review: Sharp

Another reviewer (Smexy Books) called this “the best series you are not reading. It’s like JD Robb meets Jim Butcher.” This may be the best description for this series. It really sums it up nicely. One thing that really stuck in my mind while listening to this story is how often the main character’s name is said. In the first book, I don’t think his first name was ever mentioned, but in this book, almost everyone says Adam’s name when talking to him. It was a very noticeable difference. One that had me feeling a bit awkward since the lack […]

Nov 042014
Review: Clean

I found a series that reminds me of the Dresden Files while still being a unique series! Male protagonist with magical abilities? Check. Hero is always in over his head and trying to fix things? Check. Works on consultant basis for police? Check. Police contact is a female and there is some chemistry? Check. Audiobook has incredible narration? Check. See? All kinds of great similarities. The differences are what set this series apart. This world is set in the future, after technology wars have destroyed everyone’s ability to trust anything computer related. So we see a return to a paper […]