Nov 262014
Discussion: Getting Back into the Swing of Things

I’m home from my trip! It’s was a great trip, although it felt way too short. The last 5 days were particularly rushed. But it was overall good to get home and see everyone. I took the trip as a true break from everything. I barely read, and did zero blogging beyond what was already scheduled. Which explains the almost week long break in posting. It was good for me as it gave me time to rest and relax fully. I always feel awkward when there is a posting break since I rarely have it. I question whether to just […]

Nov 142014
Discussion: Travelling with Books

Today is the day! My plane leaves tonight at 7 pm and I start my trip home to Ontario. I can’t call it a holiday since I have to work most days, but I’m still very excited. Part of any trip is deciding what to take with you. As a book blogger, I find I spend as much time debating book choices as I do clothing. I want to take books that I’m sure I will read, but I don’t want to weight down my luggage too much. This is when I love having an ereader. I’ve decided to take […]

Nov 072014
Discussion: Blog Stats

Blog stats. It’s something that is really important to most new bloggers, and that may or may not remain important as your blog ages. I’ve read 2 great posts in the last month that talk about blog stats. On Starships and Dragonwings talked about real stats (with real numbers) and Nose Graze described how and why stats matter to her. With my blog quickly approaching the 4 year mark (yikes – how?!), I feel like I’ve had several cycles of stats. They were important to me in the beginning, then I stopped looking, then I cared about certain stats, and […]

Oct 232014
Discussion: Blogging Leading to Authoring

I’m a blogger and reviewer, not a writer. Getting that out of the way, today’s discussion is about blogging and writing. I know quite a few bloggers-turned-author, or authors-who-blog, and I find the question “are you writing a book” to be quite prevalent in the book blogging sphere. I greatly admire writers, after all I devote hours to reading their products, but I’ve never had the urge or desire to write a book myself. I actually always hating writing. I was always good at it, if my school grades were any indication, but I find it to be a lot […]

Oct 092014
Discussion: Wishlist tag

After doing the TBR tag questionnaire, and explaining that I consider my TBR list to be different from my wishlist, I realized that the questions could be applied to either list. So today I’m answering the same questions for my wishlist. How do you keep track of your wishlist pile? I don’t. It’s just one big messy shelf on Goodreads. Except that I do keep a smaller next-in-series wishilst, as well as a small upcoming publication wishlist, which I consult when viewing Netgalley. Is your wishlist mostly print or ebook? I don’t consider wishlist books to be print or ebook, […]

Sep 242014
Discussion: TBR list tag

I recently saw a TBR tag questionnaire floating around, and thought it would be fun to join in. Before I start, let me clarify that I maintain separate TBR and wishlist lists. To me, they are not the same thing. TBR books are ones that I have, ready to be read at any time. Wishlist books are ones that I would like to read, but don’t have available right away. I know some people use these terms interchangeably, and even the Goodreads default setting sees them the same way, but I think they are different, and have my Goodreads shelves […]

Sep 052014
Discussion: Do You Read or Blog Mostly One Genre?

Today I feel like talking about genres. I was talking to someone, and they asked what genres I read, and I had a super hard time answering the question. I know I like to read a lot of different books, but I didn’t realize how unrelated my preferred genres may seem. What do I mean? Well, I can easily say my favourite genre is adult sci-fi & fantasy, especially anything paranormal or urban fantasy. But I also really like cozy mysteries. And Tudor period historical fiction. And YA issue books intrigue me greatly. There are times that nothing except an […]

Aug 222014
Would You Rather...

I saw this quick questionnaire floating around the blogosphere, and decided to join in. Would you rather… 1. Read only trilogies or stand alones? Stand alone books please! I do like series books, but stand alones are my favourite. There is no fear of the dreaded boring 2nd book. 2. Read only female or male authors? I don’t care what genre the author is, as long as the story is good. 3. Shop online or in person? I do most of my book shopping online. It’s easy and convenient, and often cheaper. 4. All books become movies or TV shows? […]

Aug 152014
Discussion: Reading Multiple Books at Once

I know that a lot of book bloggers read multiple books at once, and a lot of non-bloggers don’t. I often get asked how I can do it since I usually have 2 books on the go: one regular book and one audiobook. My answer is to always choose different genres. I find that if I try to read multiple books in the same genre, I can easily get confused and mix up the details. If I choose books from totally different genres, then the details stay defined, and I can more easily satisfy my mood reading habits. For instance, […]

Aug 082014
Discussion: Do Reading Challenges Make You Feel More Productive

Today I want to talk about reading challenges. With the year slightly more than half over, I’ve finished already 3 of my 6 reading challenges of the year, and I’m close to finishing another 2. I was putting together some upcoming reviews, and I had to stop to think whether I continue to mark them as part of my finished challenges or not. I feel like I want to mark them as part of the challenge. I feel like a review means more if it’s associated to a challenge. It’s silly since I’m reading them for me and my enjoyment, […]