Apr 162015
In Depth Book Discussion: The Ending I Wanted for The Truth About Alice and a few other rants

Some books make a really big impression on readers. Sometimes it’s hard to say everything you want in a spoiler-free review. When that happens, sometimes you need to go in depth into the story and rant about something good or bad. Warning: The following post contains spoilers. If you haven’t read The Truth About Alice by Jennifer Mathieu, you might want to check out my spoiler-free review instead. The Ending: I recently read The Truth About Alice, and while I found it a very powerful book, I thought the ending was very anticlimactic. The book had an important message, and […]

Mar 252015
Discussion: Ebooks and Young Children

It’s no surprise that I read a ton of ebooks. Also no surprise that I read to my 5 year old son every day (mostly at bedtime, but sometimes he goes crazy on library day). What may be a surprise is that I never read ebooks with my son. It’s not for a lack of device, as we have 2 iPads in the house, along with my ereader. I’ve even downloaded a few children’s ebook apps on the iPad before, but they’re just not popular with either him or me. We prefer to read physical books. Part of it is […]

Mar 182015
Discussion: Do You Need to be a Romantic to Enjoy Romance Books?

Confession: I’m not a romantic. I don’t believe in true love or soul mates or love at first sight or everlasting love. I’m a total cynic. And yet I occasionally love a good romance story. Not all the time mind you, I often give myself eye strain rolling my eyes at romance plots, but sometimes, there’s a romance that just makes me giddy and mushy. I love a good slow build. Or lust at first sight accompanied by personality clashes that need to be overcome. Those are situations I can believe in, and that I enjoy reading. I believe they’re […]

Mar 132015
Discussion: How Audiobooks Can Make a Character More Real

I feel like it’s been forever since I did a discussion post. But I’ve been thinking about something related to audiobooks for a while, and I think I can finally put it into words. I’ve finished 8 audiobooks already this year, and 6 of them were from urban fantasy series. There is something about the first person narration common to UF series that make them particular well suited for audiobooks. I think one of those things is how listening to an audiobook can add an extra element to the character to make them real. You can get a sense of […]

Feb 142015
4 Year Blogiversary Reflective and Giveaway

My blogiversary snuck up on me this year. I totally forgot about it until earlier this week. Workaday Reads turns 4 years old on Feb 16! That’s 4 years, 700 books (technically 697 but you’ll excuse me for rounding) and 1728 posts. Sounds like a celebration is in order. I decided to celebrate with a giveaway. Obviously. But first, a little reflection on the past year. In the past (Year 1, Year 2, Year 3), I did a formal style reflection, but this year I’m not doing it. Mostly because I feel like I could copy and paste from last […]

Feb 062015
Book vs Movie: Gone Girl

When I read Gone Girl last summer, it blew me away. I was totally amazed at the book. So when they announced it was being turned into a movie, I was quite excited to see how it would turn out. I am very happy to report that the movie is almost as awesome as the book! The movie stayed very true to the plotline and feel of the book, which is always one of the key things of a successful book to movie transition. As soon as the movie started, I was pulled into it, and even though I knew […]

Jan 232015
Book vs Movie: Outlander

This isn’t exact a book vs movie look, it’s book vs tv series. This past summer, Outlander came to tv with an 8 episode season 1. Season 2 is scheduled to begin April 2015, and I’m really looking forward to it. I didn’t actually catch the tv series when it first aired, but did PVR a replaying in Sept, and then watched it over the past few months. It’s been a while since I read Outlander, but I really enjoyed the first book, and the whole series, so I was looking forward to the tv series. Since I did read […]

Jan 162015
Book vs Movie: The Maze Runner

Today is the first in a new series of posts titled “Book versus Movie”. There are lots of books that have been made into movies, and I thought I’d share some thoughts where I have both read the book, and watched the movie. I’m starting the series with The Maze Runner. I recently had the opportunity to receive both the book and movie to review, and jumped at the chance. This is a popular series that has been on my wishlist, but one that I just never got to, as is the case for several popular YA series. I participated […]

Dec 122014
Discussion: Putting Yourself in the Book

Do you ever put yourself in a book you’re reading? I do all the time. Not necessarily always into the action with the characters, but more often replacing the main characters with myself, and thinking, how would I do? This is especially true of dystopian or catastrophe stories. Would I survive a zombie apocalypse? Or a volcano act? What would I do if I was stranded by myself after a disaster? I think that’s part of the appeal of fiction. It lets you imagine scenarios that you’ll probably never face, or honestly, survive if you did face. I don’t do […]

Dec 052014
Discussion: Reviewing Every Book, or Just Some?

Since starting this book blog almost 4 years ago, I’ve reviewed every book I’ve started, read or DNF’d. It’s the main reason I started the blog, but I’m been having doubts about it recently. I’ve been contemplating not reviewing all the books I read. But I’m not sure how to decide what to review or not. And whether to even go this route at all. I’ve been feeling a little blogger slump, not really feeling like writing reviews. I’ve still be reading, I just haven’t been writing. Hence my consideration of just not writing the reviews. But I’m not sure. […]