Sep 262011
Guest Post: Lizzy Ford (Part 2)

We’re back with Lizzy Ford and step 2 of her promoting strategy. Step Two: Building momentum 1. Keep your blog/website current and update at least 2-3 times a week. You want to keep the content fresh and relevant to your pursuit not only to draw in search engines, but readers as well. 2. Reinvest any money you make into your books by building a support team. My team consists of: an editor, graphics artist, IT guy. These are all things I cannot do. As a writer, your time is your most valuable commodity. Find others to fill your weaknesses while […]

Sep 262011
Guest Post: Lizzy Ford (Part 1)

Today I have author Lizzy Ford, author of several books, here to talk about her approach to promoting. She has lots to say, so it will be broken up into 3 posts, spread out over the day. A little warning about my perspective on promoting: it’s unconventional, focused on long term results, and operates under the impression that people starting out don’t have the money to sink into buying expensive ad space. My philosophy: I don’t want to sell as many books as I can; I want to be financially stable for the rest of my life. To do this, […]

Sep 252011
What's Coming: Promoting Week

We have finally reached Promoting, the fourth of The 4 Ps of Self-Publishing. Promoting seems to be the least favourite and most scary part of being an author. To help everyone learn more this important book related topic, I have double posts all week. Here is the full schedule: Monday – Guest post: Lizzy FordTuesday AM – Interview: Melissa FosterTuesday PM – Interview: Lindsay BurokerWednesday AM – Guest post: Martin FossumWednesday PM – Interview: Belinda Boring (Bookish Snob Promotions) Thursday AM – Interview: Richard SuttonThursday PM – Guest Post: Dana Lynn SmithFriday AM – Guest post: Theresa (BLB Book Tours)Friday […]

Sep 242011
Promoting Giveaway

Time for the last giveaway for The 4 Ps of Self-Publishing. The following books come from authors participating in Promoting week. Prize Pack #1  The Red Gate by Richard SuttonMegan’s Way by Melissa FosterChasing Amanda by Melissa FosterKiera’s Moon by Lizzy FordKatie’s Hellion by Lizzy FordThe Emperor’s Edge by Lindsay Buroker Prize #2 Your choice of any one book from prize pack #1. Giveaway Rules: Enter by completing the form below. All books are in ebook format.The giveaway is open worldwide until midnight (EST) September 30, 2011. <p>Loading…</p>

Sep 232011
Interview: Mark Coker (Smashwords)

To wrap up Publishing week I have a very special guest here today to answer a few questions: Mark Coker, founder of Smashwords. What is the #1 tip you’d give to authors publishing with Smashwords? I’m actually working on my next ebook now, which is titled, The Seven Secrets to Ebook Publishing success. It’s inspired by a blog post by the same name I did last year in which I revealed seven best practices of the most successfull Smashwords authors (access the Seven Secrets blog post here). The most important secret: Honor your reader with a great read. Don’t publish […]

Sep 222011
Interview: Nadine Rose Larter

Today I have Nadine Rose Larter, author of Coffee at Little Angels, here to answer a few questions about publishing her own book. Why did you decide to self-publish?I think I sort of woke up one day and just felt so sick of not being a writer. It’s so easy to coddle a dream like this one and to simply save it for the future. That is what I was doing. As long as it was there on the horizon I had something to look forward to. One day it stopped being enough, and when it stopped being enough I […]

Sep 212011
Interview: Derrolyn Anderson

Today I have Derrolyn Anderson, author of the Marina’s Tales series, here to answer some questions about the act of publishing. Why did you decide to self-publish? Everything I read on the internet said the first step was to get a literary agent to represent your work. I saw horrific pictures ridiculing the giant slush-piles of unrequested manuscripts that show up at publishing houses, so I took that advice. I wrote and re-wrote a query letter, sending it out to a dozens of agents and waiting for a response. And waiting… And waiting… My visionary entrepreneur of a husband suggested […]

Sep 202011
Guest Post: Joel Goldman

Today I have Joel Goldman, author of several books, with his take on the most important part of self-publishing. Any author who decides to self-publish should take as professional an approach to the process and the finished book as a traditional publisher. That means your book should be vetted by both an editor and a copy editor, should have a professionally designed cover and be formatted by someone who knows what they are doing. That should be the gold standard for a self-published book. Why? Because that means you’ve done everything you can to deliver a quality product to your […]

Sep 192011
Interview: Brett Battles

To starting off Publishing week, I have Brett Battles, author of several books, here to answer a few questions about publishing. Why did you decide to self-publish? I’d been keeping an eye on the growing independent author market—in particular tracking the progress of my friend Joe Konrath—and I realized probably in late 2009/early 2010 it was the future. I was still writing books for my New York publisher at the time, so I wasn’t yet ready to dive in. Once I’d delivered my last book to them, I knew it was time to give the burgeoning ebook market a closer […]

Sep 182011
What's Coming: Publishing Week

Once the book is ready to go, it’s time to get to the actual Publishing, the third of The 4 Ps of Self-Publishing. Ebooks are definitely the easiest way to go, whether you publish directly through websites like Amazon, or use the very popular Smashwords. This week I have several authors here to talk about how they are doing it, as well as a very special guest on Friday. Here is the full schedule for the week: Monday – Interview: Brett BattlesTuesday – Guest Post: Joel GoldmanWednesday – Interview: Derrolyn AndersonThursday – Interview: Nadine Rose Larter Friday – Interview: Mark […]