Oct 012011
The 4 Ps of Self-Publishing wrap-up

The month of September was declared Self and Small Pub Month by April from My Shelf Confessions and Rebecca from Kindle Fever. I took part with a slightly more focused theme: The 4 Ps of Self-Publishing. I had a blast participating in this theme. I was really lucky to get most of the posts done before the month even started, so I almost had a blog vacation this month. Which worked pretty well since I felt like my brain was fried most nights because I have been doing a lot of training at work, and have been spending two nights […]

Sep 302011
Interview: Words Worth Books

Today I have an interview with Bronwyn Addico from Words Worth Books, my local independent book store. How do you choose the books you carry?We choose the inventory at the store very carefully. We want to make sure that we are providing our customers with a full range of books that will fit their interest and needs. At the same time we are not a large big-box store so we don’t have room for every title. When choosing our inventory we rely on our publisher sales reps to recommend the new titles that they think will be big in the […]

Sep 302011
Guest Post: Theresa (BLB Book Tours)

Today I have Theresa from BLB Book Tours here with a guest post about what running a book tour business is like. Thank you so much for having me on your blog today, Sarah. Book tours are a passion of mine and I’m thrilled to be able to share with your readers today. When I created BLB Book Tours in January, my main goal was to simply help authors spread the word about the ebooks they were publishing. I had seen many tour sites in my blogging travels, but 99% of them only offered tours of physical books, not ebooks. […]

Sep 292011
Guest Post: Dana Lynn Smith

Today I have Dana Lynn Smith, otherwise known as The Savvy Book Marketer, here to talk about how to sell your book to libraries. America’s 123,000 libraries purchase nearly $2 billion worth of books annually, according to statistics from the American Library Association and the Book Industry Study Group. Nonfiction books are especially well suited to library sales. To sell fiction to libraries, it’s helpful to have reviews in journals, book awards, or a strong local tie-in, such as a novel being set in the region. Here are ten tips on how to sell to libraries: 1. Publish a library-friendly […]

Sep 292011
Interview: Richard Sutton

Today I have Richard Sutton, author of The Red Gate and The Gatekeepers here to talk about promoting. What types of promoting do you do? I try to promote through traditional means as well as the newer venues. My advertising and PR background has served me well for writing press releases about my work , launches, etc. My design background has helped a great deal in book and cover design and preparation of collateral promotional materials such as postcards, bookmarks, business cards and our websites. I utilize online forums, reader sites and workshops to help establish my name and work. […]

Sep 282011
Interview: Belinda Boring

Better late than never, I have Belinda Boring here to answer a few questions. Not only is she a self-published author, she is also a book review blogger and the force behind The Bookish Snob Promotions. What’s involved in running a book tour?Quite a lot, depending on how you run your blog tours. For me, I’m part of the entire process from sending out the invite, creating a schedule, designing graphics, putting together a tour package for each blogger with everything they need for their feature to advertising every stop on the tour. I act as the middle man between […]

Sep 282011
Guest Post: Martin Fossum

Today I have Martin Fossum, co-author of Faking Smart!, here to give a few tips for promoting a self-published book. So you’re self-publishing a book. Great! You’ve amassed the number of sentences necessary to form a plot (…hopefully, for the sake of sales, you’ve tossed in a vampire or two and a gray-bearded wizard.) Your copy editor has polished your prose and your book cover (a glistening, bloody dagger or maiden of burgeoning bodice) is certain to hook the unsuspecting passerby. Your digital files are finalized and approved by your self-publishing service and all you have to do is hit […]

Sep 272011
Interview: Lindsay Buroker

Today I have author Lindsay Buroker here to answer a few questions about promoting. Not only has she written and self-published several books, she also has a great website chocked full of advice for other self-publishing authors. What types of promoting do you do?I think I’ve tried just about everything! Making videos, getting on Twitter and Facebook, maintaining a blog (make that blogs), advertising, giving away ebooks, and more things I’ve probably forgotten about. I’d say the most effective thing for me has been giving away free ebooks. This works especially well when you’ve got multiple novels in a series. […]

Sep 272011
Interview: Melissa Foster

Today I have Melissa Foster, whose book Megan’s Way is currently being made into a movie, hee to answer a few questions about promoting. What types of promoting do you do? I do all sorts of promotions. In this technology-driven world that we live in, social media is a must, so you’ll find me on Twitter, Facebook, and The Women’s Nest, on a daily basis. I also work with authors and bloggers to cross-promote. My favorite promotional activity is organic—word of mouth. I love to discuss books with readers, book clubs, reviewers, and yes, you’ll find me discussing books and […]

Sep 262011
Guest Post: Lizzy Ford (Part 3)

I’m back with Lizzy Ford and step 3 of her promoting strategy. Step Three: Fueling the Fire 1. Invest in search engine optimization. Whether you or an IT-savvy friend has the software or knows the basics, focus on driving people to your website. The two most important tenets of SEO: back links and relevant content on your website. People who type “Lizzy Ford” into Google will find me. I want people who type “free romance novels” into Google to find me, too. We receive over 100 Google referrals a day, because we work daily to optimize our site. That’s potentially […]