Jun 072015

June is flying by so quickly. I’m loving it since it means my vacation, and trip home to visit family, are almost here. I’m definitely in countdown mode already. Not really in book or reading mode, but I am still getting some books read, so at least there is progress, even if it feels like a snail’s pace to me.

Books read:
Shadow ScaleShadow Scale – I’m going to be the odd man out here, because everyone has been loving this book, but I found it slow and almost boring. I did read it all, but my only real impression is “at least I’m done”.

Forever AfterForever After – A sweet short story sequel that made for a pleasant hour’s read.

Books received:
The Amazon suggestion email struck this week, and I picked up the newest book from Melissa F Olsen since I loved her first series. I also received a review book from an author I previously read, and loved. With a comparison to Gone Girl, I’m excited to add this to my summer reading list.

Boundary Crossed Thirty Days of Red

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