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Thank you, first of all, Sarah, for having me as a guest on your site—very exciting!

If you had to describe your book Twitter syle (140 characters or less), what would you say?
Hmmm, if I were to describe ‘Subversion’ Twitter-style, I’d post someone else’s review (self-
promotion isn’t my strong suit): “Grab a quilt & a cup of tea; once you start this book, you won’t want to put it down~explores the darker side of human nature, while renewing your faith in humanity.”

What books have influenced your writing?
As far as finding my rhythm and “voice” as a writer, I love the following books:

  • On Writing, by Stephen King
  • Bird by Bird, by Anne Lamott
  • Escaping into the Open, by Elizabeth Berg

As far as mysteries go, I adore Agatha Christie’s work, Kate Morton, and many, many other sleuth-y women writers. I also gobbled up Nancy Drew novels as a kid and tween.

What’s your favourite part of writing a book?
I really enjoy the very first part: when the ideas come together and I can see a scene or a character and then ask those leading questions, “I wonder what would happen if …? Or “imagine if this happened and then that person …?”

Do you have a writing routine?
My writing routine is pretty simple: I use the first 15-30 minutes of my writing work day to work on new fiction. The rest of my day gets eaten up with client writing projects, articles, blog posts and more. Holding that early-morning time as sacred is the only way that I consistently make time to write my own priority projects.

Is there any specific message you hope readers take away from your story?
Even though I write in the mystery/suspense genre, I hope that my readers come away with a sense of hope. That even though terrible things happen in the world, there is still good and still people who will stand up for it.

Thanks again, Sarah. It was a pleasure to join you and your readers here today.

About J.P. Choquette

JP Choquette

J.P. Choquette is a mystery and suspense author from New England. Here, she writes novels that keep readers on the edge of their seats. Choquette is passionate about justice and her novels frequently interweave this theme into the fast-paced mystery/suspense stories she writes. With a bachelor's degree in psychology, Choquette remains fascinated by human behavior.

In her free time, Choquette enjoys reading (of course!) riding her scooter, long walks, making junk-art and drinking hot beverages ... just not all at the same time.

Interview: J.P. Choquette + GiveawaySubversion (Tayt Waters Mysteries #1) by J.P. Choquette
Published by Self published on Nov 10, 2014
Genres: Adult, Mystery
Find the book: AmazonSmashwords, Goodreads

Tayt Waters didn’t want to become a private investigator: too much red tape and too little action. Instead, she’s started a legitimate securities firm where she works hard and struggles to pay the bills.

But that’s not Tayt’s only job. She also helps women in need, who call her with the code phrase, “Sunflower Specials.” An after-hours vigilante, Tayt tracks down abusive husbands, errant boyfriends and deadbeat dads to give them a taste of their own medicine.

When her estranged father arrives in her office, disheveled and panicked, Tayt is drawn into a case she’s rather not touch: a young woman, murdered and her father the key suspect.

As she works to prove her father’s innocence, Tayt becomes ensnared in an underground ring of human trafficking, drugs and murder.


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