May 172015

I think summer is here. I had to pull out my capris twice this week, and switched to my lighter duvet. Yay for summer! Although we are supposed to have a really hot summer, so that’s not so welcome.

Books read:
Gwynneth Ever AfterGwynneth Ever After – Such a sweet and satisfying romance that featured actual, realistic children.

Two for the DoughTwo for the Dough – This was a rare case where the audio version seemed to hurt rather than enhance the story. It was still funny and amusing, but the voice just didn’t click with me.

Books received:
I’m still in a romance mood, so I used up the rest of my Amazon giftcard and picked up the sequels to the books I bought (and read) last week.

Bad Will Hunting Forever After Forever Grace

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    We had a nice sunny day yesterday although today is looking quite grey!

    • We are going to have so many kiwis this year! The vines look totally loaded down with buds. It’s going to be crazy.

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