May 312015

My reading has really slowed down this month. Summer has definitely arrived here, and we’ve been spending a lot of time outside, enjoying the weather. So it’s natural that my reading speed is slow. To offset that, I’ve been really enjoying the books I have been getting to, so that’s good.

Books read:

In May – 11
Year-to-date – 68 (halfway to my goal of 125 with a month to go before halfway through the year!)

Favourite book of the month: This was a really hard choice this month because I read a number of great books. I usually pick a really powerful book as my favourite, but I think I’m going to go with Seven Exes Are Eight Too Many (Seven Exes #1) by Heather Wardell because it is such a great fit for my reading mood all month. It’s a fun and light romance with a lot of humour. Perfect for the start of summer.
Seven Exes Are Eight Too Many


Time for the stats and charts. For not having read many books this month, there are some significant changes in the year-to-date values. It’s pretty crazy how one month can change things so much.
*Note: My charts are missing a book because I finished after getting the info ready.

May age genresLooking at the age genre, I stuck mostly to adult books this month, and that has resulted in a slowly increasing section of pie for the year so far.

May ratingsWhen it comes to ratings, I think I had a really successful reading month. I completely loved half the books I read, and thought highly of most of them. That’s awesome!

May genresApparently this month was all about contemporary, mystery, and romance. It’s definitely a mood thing, because I’m reading a fantasy right now, and I feel like I’m struggling because I want to pick up a quick simple romance instead. So expect more romance in June.

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  1. 11 is fantastic by my standards! Happy June reading!

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