Apr 052015

I’m sure you guessed that it was my birthday a few days ago. The giveaway probably gave it away. I had a very relaxing birthday. We didn’t do much at all. We went for a walk on the beach, I played Lego Batman with my son (he got the PS3 game a week ago and hasn’t stopped playing since), and I read some. My husband and I went out for dinner the day before, but we didn’t do anything on my actual birthday. It was just very nice.

Books read:
Wild WoodWild Wood – Yes, my review went up already. I liked the historical part of the story better than the modern part.

You Can Trust MeYou Can Trust Me – This has an utterly terrifying serial killer narration aspect.

The LairThe Lair – Ugh. This read like a cliche on teenaged angsty whining.

What You Left BehindWhat You Left Behind – It’s started off a bit rocky, but turned into a page turner by the end.

Books received:

  2 Responses to “Week in review Apr 5”

  1. I’ve been eyeing You Can Trust Me trying to decide if I should pick it up or not.

    • I’d recommend it solely for the killer’s narration. It’s utterly creepy. The rest of the book is okay, but the main character annoyed me quite a bit.

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