Apr 262015

So tired. That’s my summary of the week. I’m not sure what it is, but I’ve been exhausted all week. I napped after work most days, and went to bed early most nights, and I’m still super tired. Hopefully whatever this is will pass quickly and I’ll get some energy back so I can enjoy the mostly nice weather we’ve been having.

Books read:
The WellThe Well – This book had such an overwhelming melancholy feel, I had to read it in small chunks because the feeling of the book kept soaking into me. The ending was surprisingly satisfying though.

Spider’s RevengeSpider’s Revenge – Oh, the whining and repeating. I almost DNF’d because I just couldn’t take any more whining. And if I have to listen to the story of the night Gin’s family died one more time, I’m seriously quitting this series. If those two elements were taken out, the actual story was good, but it’s hard to just get to that part.

Books received:
Just one incoming book this week, which is good since I didn’t finish very many. My new goal is to bring in less than I read each week.
Little Black Lies

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