Apr 192015

This past week has been pretty quiet. The weather here is getting gorgeous, and yesterday was beautiful t-shirt weather. By sheer coincidence, there was a midway in town this weekend, so we went there for a few hours yesterday. My son had lots of fun on the rides. I think his favourite was a tie between the giant slide and the dragon rollercoaster. I went on the later one with him, and while I used to love rollercoasters when I was younger, I don’t think I’m a huge fan anymore. But he loved it, so that’s what matters.

Books read:
HexedHexed – This is a fun series so far, with lots of bad puns, but there are also quite a few pop culture jokes that will make it dated quickly, and the addition of just one non-gorgeous, not attracted to Atticus female would be nice.

The Innocent MageThe Innocent Mage – This is a very classic epic fantasy type story, and while it was slow, the interplay between Asher and Gar was very entertaining.

The Beautiful DaughtersThe Beautiful Daughters – I DNF’d this at the 38% mark because I just didn’t care to find out what had happened to David, Adri and Harper. I just didn’t care about either Adri or Harper, so it was too much work to continue reading.

Books received:
The only book I received this week was The Beautiful Daughters, which is already listed above.

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