Apr 122015

This week was really all about Friday. It seemed like such a day. First, in the 30 seconds it takes for me to walk from our home computer to my office for work, our internet went out. Apparently it was out for most of the town, and since I need that for work, I had an unintended day off work. It was mostly spent lounging on the couch singing songs with my son and reading.

Once the internet (and cable) came back up, our computer died. Like lagged so bad nothing could be opened or closed or clicked. It’s been getting bad for a few months, and we’ve wiped it and redid it a few times, but it just kept getting worse. And it finally died. So we went and got a new one. So much hassle to put everything back the way we like it. I have learned a few things quickly: I don’t really like Windows 8 (we had Windows 7 before) and our new keyboard is tiny and I tend to not hit the spacebar hard enough, so before editing, most ofthisparagraphlookedlikethis. Ugh.

Books read:
SuspectedSuspected – A strong sequel, this book did to technology what the first book did to gender. Made it an incredible theme that is.

Dead BeatDead Beat – Another fun Dresden story, poor Harry really went through a lot this time, but came out in a pretty good shape.

CruxCrux – Holy heat, Batman! That is some incredibly hot tension right there, without anything overly explicit.

Books received:
Netgalley struck again. Every time I sign in to complete feedback I request more books. It’s a sickness I tell you.

Agents of the Internet Apocalypse Revive The Dragons of Heaven

There was a local book sale yesterday, and I picked up 4 books. I find that the reading community here tends to be older readers who stick mostly to romance or thriller books, so there is little selection or variation at the sales, with few options that I want to pick up. It’s always disappointing, but I continue to go, just in case.
Apr 11 incoming books

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