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Review: Dead BeatDead Beat (The Dresden Files #7) by Jim Butcher
Narrated by: James Marsters
Published by Penguin Audio on May 2, 2006
Genres: Adult, Urban Fantasy
Format: Audiobook from Purchased
Find the book: Amazon, Goodreads
Rating: four-stars

There's an entire world that exists alongside the everyday life of mankind. There are powers, nations, monsters, wars, feuds, alliances - everything. Wizards are part of it. So are a lot of other things you've heard about in stories, and even more you've never heard of...Vampires. Werewolves. Faeries. Demons. Monsters. It's all real.

Harry Dresden knows full well that such creatures exist. Paranormal investigations are his stock-in-trade, and Chicago is his beat as he tries to bring law and order to a world that exists on the edges of imagination. Luckily Harry's not alone in this struggle. And though most inhabitants of the Windy City don't believe in magic, there's a department that's been set up within the Chicago PD to deal with "strange" cases: the Special Investigations department.

Karrin Murphy is the head of SI and a good friend of Harry's. So when a deadly vampire threatens to destroy Murphy's reputation unless Harry helps her, he has no choice. The vampire wants the Word of Kemmler and all the power that comes with it - but first Harry has to determine what the Word of Kemmler is. Now Harry is in a race against time - and six necromancers - to find the Word before Chicago experiences a Halloween night to wake the dead.

Reading this series is like listening to the latest adventure of a friend, and this book is no exception. This time around Harry goes through a lot of trouble, but comes out a little stronger than before.

Character growth in a series can be a big deal, and Harry tends to grow very slowly. This book felt like it had some measurable growth, which is good since the bad guys keep getting more and more evil.

Even if Harry’s personal growth seems slow, the growth of his family is much more obvious. Contrasting his relationships in this book with the first in the series is quite impressive. Harry has become surrounded by people he loves, and who obviously care for him. That is a very heartwarming change, even if it means an increase in danger.

I listened to the audiobook as per usual, and loved the narration, as per usual. The voice is such a good fit for Harry. The tone, feel and quality all match perfectly.

Overall, this was another solid book in the series. This is one of my favourite series, and for good reason. It has humour, magic, battles, and a good guy hero who doesn’t quite perceive himself in that regard. It’s all around entertaining.

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  1. Well, I’m quite a ways behind you, but I’m starting book 4 today, so hopefully I’ll catch up. I’m glad the series is still going strong at book 7, and it’s fun to find another Dresden noob 😉

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