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Some books make a really big impression on readers. Sometimes it’s hard to say everything you want in a spoiler-free review. When that happens, sometimes you need to go in depth into the story and rant about something good or bad.

Warning: The following post contains spoilers. If you haven’t read The Truth About Alice by Jennifer Mathieu, you might want to check out my spoiler-free review instead.
The Truth About Alice

The Ending:
I recently read The Truth About Alice, and while I found it a very powerful book, I thought the ending was very anticlimactic. The book had an important message, and I think if there was a different ending, the book could have driven home this message in a much more meaningful way.

What actually happened: nothing really. Everything just starts to fade into history and everyone moves on quietly.

What I wished had happened: Alice committed suicide. Then the truth came out about the lies, and Kelsie and Josh’s stories were actually being told from jail.

This ending would have highlighted how truly horrible bullying and lying is, and what the tragic results can be. The suicide part is unfortunately very realistic and can be found in headlines all over the US on a regular basis. The jail part is just a wish on my behalf (I think), although what they did was slander, and is a chargable offense.

Having this type of ending could have taken this book from an issue book to an ISSUE book. It would have made this book stand out as an example that could be used to teach from, and could be shoved into every teenager’s face as a word of caution. It still makes a statement as is, but sometimes you need to take a situation to the extreme to really drive home a point.

Other Rants:
I think the main thing that really frustrated me about Josh’s lie is that it would be so easy to disprove. If the police or Brandon’s parents had looked at his phone bill, they’d see right away that Alice didn’t text him during the crash. *poof* One lie dispelled just like that.

The school’s lack of action regarding the slut stall was infuriating. They have a responsibility to create a safe place for Alice to go, and should have been repainting that stall, regardless of how many times it had to be done. I’m pretty sure Alice’s mom could have sued the school over it. Of course, whether Alice’s mom would have done that is another story, but it would have an entirely justifiable lawsuit. Also, if the book had the ending I wanted, and newspapers found out about the school’s lack of action, can you imagine the uproar that would have caused?

The fact that Alice was blamed for Brandon’s accident at all is cause for a whole other rant. How on earth could she be responsible for an accident if she was nowhere near the car at the time? That’s just completely ridiculous! Who cares if she texted him or not? Brandon was the one drinking and driving. Brandon was the one texting and driving. Either of these statements is enough to put the blame solely on him, and is completely irresponsible of him (and against the law where I live).

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