Apr 302015

I had a better reading month than March, but just barely. I spent a lot of the month too tired to do much, even read. But I’ve been feeling better this past week, so hopefully my reading speed picks up again. I feel like I’m barely keeping up with my Netgalley picks, let alone all the other books on my TBR pile.

Books read:

In April – 11
Year-to-date – 56

Favourite book of the month: I had a number of 5 star reads this month, but my favourite goes to The Well by Catherine Chanter. My review will be up for the publication date in mid-May, but I’ll tell you now that you’ll want to read it. It’s emotional and melancholy, yet has a very satisfying ending. I can’t call it a happy ending, but it’s very fitting.
The Well

Noteworthy Happenings:

Unless you count my in depth rant about The Truth About Alice, I didn’t have any discussion posts this month.

Monthly Stats:

Now it’s time to get to the colourful fun part: the stats. Also the part where I show off my nerdy side. (Charts! Graphs! Oh my!)

Apr stats age genreFirst up is the age genre, and there are no surprises here. I didn’t get to any New Adult books this month, and only a few YA books.

Apr stats ratingWhen it comes to rating, I had a crazy month. For only reading 11 books, I sure had a wide variation in how enjoyable I found them. I’m still overall doing a pretty good job picking out books that I really do like though.

Apr stats genreI feel like my reading tastes become more and more pronounced with every month I add to this graph. The audiobooks I listen to are almost all exclusively urban fantasy, so that really skews the genres in that direction. But I am also continually surprised at how much contemporary and mystery I read.

Apr stats formatSince I’ve offhandedly mentioned formats a few times lately, I thought I’d show some stats to back up my statements. As you can see, eARCs (basically Netgalley) have been taking over my reading so far this year. Audiobooks are a close second, and I actually think I’ve listened to more audiobooks in the first 4 months of this year than I did in all of 2014. I really need to make time to get to some of the formats on the right as that is where the majority of my TBR pile resides, particularly ebooks.

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  1. 11 books is nothing to balk at, it’s great! Have to check out The Well. Happy May reading!

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