Mar 152015

I got very little reading done this week. Well, page-wise it was good, but I tackled a really long book, and an audiobook, so my net result wasn’t much. I guess it’s about time my reading speed slowed down this year though.

In other news, we went yesterday to check out the sea lions congregating at Fanny Bay. Apparently there is a really large herring run happening right now, and it’s attracting sea lions from as far away as California. They are resting and enjoying the sun on the oyster contraptions, and there is one set up close to the dock, so we were able to go see them fairly close. We counted 55 sea lions there!
sea lions

Books read:
The WatchersThe Watchers – Such a long book, not just in length but also in feel. It was interesting, but I’m pretty sure it could have been a third of the length and just as interesting.

Magic BleedsMagic Bleeds – I was totally not expecting the massive relationship progressions that occurred. Or the family info that we learn about Kate. The book felt like a giant series advancer.

Books received:
I seriously need to stop looking around Netgalley when I go to upload reviews. I always seem to leave with a book, or in this case, two.

Wild Wood You Can Trust Me

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  1. your fault i ended up requesting you can trust me after i saw it on your goodreads! sounds good! also those sea lions are AMAZING! wow!

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