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Review: The Eterna FilesThe Eterna Files by Leanna Renee Hieber
Published by Tor on Feb 10, 2015
Genres: Adult, Paranormal
Format: eARC from Netgalley
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Rating: three-stars

London, 1882: Queen Victoria appoints Harold Spire of the Metropolitan Police to Special Branch Division Omega. Omega is to secretly investigate paranormal and supernatural events and persons. Spire, a skeptic driven to protect the helpless and see justice done, is the perfect man to lead the department, which employs scholars and scientists, assassins and con men, and a traveling circus. Spire's chief researcher is Rose Everhart, who believes fervently that there is more to the world than can be seen by mortal eyes.
Their first mission: find the Eterna Compound, which grants immortality. Catastrophe destroyed the hidden laboratory in New York City where Eterna was developed, but the Queen is convinced someone escaped—and has a sample of Eterna.

Also searching for Eterna is an American, Clara Templeton, who helped start the project after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln nearly destroyed her nation. Haunted by the ghost of her beloved, she is determined that the Eterna Compound—and the immortality it will convey—will be controlled by the United States, not Great Britain.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

This was a very slow feeling story. It has a descriptive quality that while interesting, makes the plot seem very slow moving.

The story is mostly centred around 2 investigative pairs, and while I really loved the characters and would like to read stories about them investigating cases, this story didn’t seem to do them justice.

Ms Everhart and Harold Spire make a great crime investigating duo. He is very methodical and she is simply brilliant. She is such a strong woman, in an age whether women are seen as much weaker, and she is cunning enough to know how to use that to her advantage. I’d love to read stories about them investigating and fighting crime as I’m sure it would be entertaining and thrilling.

Similarly, Clara and the Senator make a very swoon worthy pair with a paranormal investigative angle. I’m sure they’ve had many spectacular adventures that I’d love to read about, and their relationship tension is quite Victorian appropriate.

Overall, while this particular story didn’t really enthrall me, the characters did. I’d love to see them in more action oriented books as they were exciting and well written.

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  1. Yeah, I gave this book the same rating, for a lot of the same reasons. And I think it was the slowness of the overall plot that made the abruptness of the ending so obnoxious. Really annoyed by that ending. *grumbles* Great review though!

  2. Huh, very curious! This one showed up in my mail box and I didn’t know what genre it even fell into D: It sounds like it might not be fantasy enough for me to really get into it since I’m not big on mysteries set in our world even if they are searching for something paranormal. I might read the first chapter and see how I like the writing, but if the ending isn’t any good… I just can’t commit and get burned like that D:

    • So late getting to this comment, but I would agree that this might not be fantasy enough for you. It felt more historical mystery than anything, even given the paranormal element.

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