Jan 042015

The first weekly review of 2015! It’s been a good week. Having a day off in the middle really makes it go quickly.

While the holidays are fun, part of me is happy to get back to normal. Our company is all gone, so it’s quiet again. School starts on Monday, so all our regular routines will be back in force. Hopefully that translates to more reading!

Books read:
Uriel's FallUriel’s Fall – An interesting idea, and some fun parts, but overall a little predictable and eye rolling.

There Will Be LiesThere Will Be Lies – This felt like a mesh of YA contemporary and North American fantasy, and I have to admit I much preferred the contemporary parts. I know, that’s weird.

Owl and the Japanese CircusOwl and the Japanese Circus – This is awesome! Owl is such a smart-aleck and has such a penchant for getting into trouble. It is so much fun to read her antics.

Books received:

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  1. Yey Owl! While I’m sad that the holidays are over and I have to get back to being productive, I’m kind of happy to be falling back into routines instead of trying to float around and do what everyone needs me to do!

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