Jan 162015

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Today is the first in a new series of posts titled “Book versus Movie”. There are lots of books that have been made into movies, and I thought I’d share some thoughts where I have both read the book, and watched the movie. I’m starting the series with The Maze Runner.

I recently had the opportunity to receive both the book and movie to review, and jumped at the chance. This is a popular series that has been on my wishlist, but one that I just never got to, as is the case for several popular YA series.

I participated in a Twitter viewing party, which meant I watched the movie before actually reading the book.

I was very impressed with the movie. Without anything to compare it to, I found it visually impressive and the story was quite engrossing. I spent the majority of the Twitter viewing party viewing, and not tweeting because I was enjoying the movie.

After reading the book, I did find some differences that really stuck out to me. The ending was the main one. It was quite different between the book and the movie, although both accomplished the same thing. The book had a telepathy element that was missing from the movie, but I can see how that would be difficult to show on screen. The change was handled well though.

Overall, I was very impressed with both the book and the movie. I will definitely be continuing the series in both book and movie formats.

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