Dec 072014

I feel slightly out of sorts because my last weekly review was in the middle of November. It’s been like 3 weeks! It just feels so off schedule.

But skipping everything I missed, and looking at the past week, it’s been slow. I haven’t been reading quickly, and I’m having such a hard time writing reviews. I feel like all my December posts are going to just be November reads. And that feels so time laggy, but gives me some time to read more slowly.

I do have a personal crisis right now though. I can’t find my ereader. I know I had it after I got home from my trip in November, but I don’t know where it is now. And I need to read a book on it soon, which makes me a little anxious. Ugh.

Books read:
BlindsightBlindsight – An intellectual feeling sci-fi alien story that took a while to get into, but which I think I really liked when I look back at it.

BeastlyBeastly – I love Disney’s Beauty and the Beast movie, and this retelling had the appropriate amount of Disney feel to make me really enjoy it.

The ImperfectionistsThe Imperfectionists – This felt like it took a really long time to read. It was almost too literary feeling for me, but gave the right amount of random insight into people’s lives to keep me reading.

Books received:

For We Are Many Uriel's Fall Marked

This has been a slow week for incoming books, which isn’t a bad thing. I actually think this is everything I’ve received since my last update, which makes it seem every smaller. I picked up For We Are Many and Uriel’s Fall on Netgalley. Both books are actually already published and sound very interesting. Marked was my Audible choice for the month of Nov (I get my credit on the 26th) and is the third in a series that I’m really loving.

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