Dec 212014

Our house is officially loud and ready for Christmas as my husband’s brother and family arrived yesterday. My son is super excited his cousin is here to play with. I am super excited that an excellent cook has arrived, lol.

Actually, I’m feeling pretty sick and slightly out of touch due to a combination of cold medication and lack of sleep. Not a great combination for any time, let alone when there are lots of people and noise. It should be an interesting week.

Books read:
MarkedMarked – The third, and best book in the series so far. It was predominantly about series development, and was awesome!

Books received:
This was another good week for book arrivals, even though I didn’t do much reading. I participated in The Maze Runner Twitter viewing party, and received the book as part of my package. I also had two more Netgalley books approved (Doctor Death and The Eterna Files). I think that’s all my outstanding approvals, now to get them all read.

The Maze Runner Doctor Death The Eterna Files

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