Dec 142014

It’s hard to belief it’s less than 2 weeks until Christmas. That is partly due to the weather here. We’ve had several bad rainstorms, with some flooding downtown. That’s one good thing about having a house on the side of a mountain, there is really no danger of flooding in our neighbourhood. Some parts of town haven’t been so lucky though. The pictures that have been coming out of it are pretty spectacular though. Regardless, rainy BC Decembers just aren’t as Christmas-y as snowy Ontario Decembers.

Books read:
Hearts of DarknessHearts of Darkness – I’m not sure how I finished this. I kept thinking I should DNF because it was just so cliched and predictable, but I listened to the whole audiobook, and nope, it never got better, but it did finally end.

An Artificial NightAn Artificial Night – My favourite of the series so far. I totally cried near the end. And the narration of this audiobook was awesome. It’s the same narrator as the rest of the series, but the voice is a bit different (there’s a good reason) and it really heightened the experience.

AdventAdvent – There was something very magical about this, even if I did feel a little lost during some of the chapters.

Books received:
This has been a huge week for incoming books. First, Netgalley approvals came in for two books (Love in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction and The Life I Left Behind).

Love in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction The Life I Left Behind

Then an awesome package of ARCs arrived from Tor Books with 3 titles that I’m super excited about (Pacific Fire, Echo 8 and The Exile).
Tor ARCs

Last, but not least, I won a Twitter contest and a package of Bloomsbury ARCs arrived (Positively Beautiful, There Will Be Lies and Inherit Midnight).
Bloomsbury ARCs

When I look at my calendar of publish dates for Jan-Mar, it’s looking really full. I’m not sure I can get to everything on time, but I can try.

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  1. We got over 15 cm of snow here last week, so it’s beginning to feel a lot like Xmas! And, I’ve finished most of my holiday shopping which is unusual for me. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for your review of An Artificial Night; I have yet to give McGuire’s writing a whirl, although I hear that she’s quite talented. Happy Monday!

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