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Since starting this book blog almost 4 years ago, I’ve reviewed every book I’ve started, read or DNF’d. It’s the main reason I started the blog, but I’m been having doubts about it recently.

I’ve been contemplating not reviewing all the books I read. But I’m not sure how to decide what to review or not. And whether to even go this route at all.

I’ve been feeling a little blogger slump, not really feeling like writing reviews. I’ve still be reading, I just haven’t been writing. Hence my consideration of just not writing the reviews. But I’m not sure. I have so many questions:

  • How do I decide which books to write a review for, and which to just not.
  • Do I still rate on Goodreads if I don’t write a full review?
  • Do I do an abbreviated Goodreads review instead?
  • Do I compile a few mini reviews into one post? This idea irks my brain a bit as each book wouldn’t be in the archive then.

I just don’t know. Any thoughts, my good readers? Do you review every book? If not, how do you decide, and what do you do for the non-reviewed ones?

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  1. I have had this issue too. I used to always want to review EVERY book I read, but lately I’ve been feeling a little less motivated. And I love the ideas of mini-reviews in one post, but like you, I freak out about the idea of them not all being in the archive. I did recently skip reviews on two books that I read, but I think I’ll probably just do a mini-review post on each of them at some point (but make them separate posts, so they’ll still show up in the archive). I think just putting a quick review on Goodreads would work too!

  2. I review every book I read. But I’ve also only been reviewing for a bit under 4 months now.

    I considered not reviewing the books I DNF, but then decided if they were bad enough to DNF, people might want to know that.

    And I like talking about the books I’ve read! So once I read the book, blogging about it seems like the right thing. Doesn’t matter if I liked it or not. That may change after I’ve been blogging longer, but honestly, I started the blog because I wanted to talk about books. So not reviewing some would feel weird.

  3. I have on a few occasions not reviewed a book that I read. The deciding factor is whether or not I can come up with something to say about a book. I notice books that I would consider just good, a solid three stars, are the hardest to write about. There usually isn’t anything to fangirl over, nor is there anything to really rant about, and sometimes this makes writing an interesting review challenging.

  4. I know some bloggers review books they got for review, but don’t review the books they read for fun. Or maybe only review the first book in a series or something like that? I am assuming having some sort of system in place makes it easier as you know which book to review and which not.

    I always write a review of each book I read, but so far I have enjoyed doing that. If you don’t feel liek writing a review I would suggest to not do it. Blogging should be fun!

    I think giving a rating on goodreads can still be helpfull as peopel still have a general idea of how much you enjoyed it. It can be informative even without a full review.

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