Dec 122014

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Do you ever put yourself in a book you’re reading? I do all the time.

Not necessarily always into the action with the characters, but more often replacing the main characters with myself, and thinking, how would I do? This is especially true of dystopian or catastrophe stories. Would I survive a zombie apocalypse? Or a volcano act? What would I do if I was stranded by myself after a disaster?

I think that’s part of the appeal of fiction. It lets you imagine scenarios that you’ll probably never face, or honestly, survive if you did face.

I don’t do this picturing for every book I read, but I do for most of them. I find it fun to do, and consider it an extension of my reading experience. Do you ever do this? Do you have a favourite scenario or genre?

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  1. I don’t find myself doing that automatically since it slows down my reading, but I do find myself thinking of it as a fun mental experiment from time to time. I generally come to the conclusion I would die right away because I can’t even run these days though haha! I thought about this a lot while reading Dies the Fire by S. M. Stirling since that is a near future apocalypse that is more focused on survival strategy than outrunning stuff, so I could maybe make it 😉

    • Ooh, near futures are good to think about, since it’s so close to the modern day. I like catastrophe stories for this reason too.

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