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Instead of just doing a month in review post, I thought I’d make my Dec 31 post a year in review.

Books read in 2014 – 161!
My original goal was 125, and when I reached that with a few months to go, I bumped it up to 150, and I managed to even beat that.

Each month, except for December, I declared a favourite book of the month, which gives a top eleven list for the year. To be fair to all the months, I’ve added my fav for December to have my top 12 books of the year:

Marked The Impossible Knife of Memory Clean Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet Shadow and Bone Evening Stars That Night First Grave On The Right Sins of the Son Flawed Perfection Small as an Elephant Night Blade

There are several series in the list, including multiples from the same series, which just goes to show how much I’ve been concentrating on series, and really enjoying the ones I’ve been reading. I actually had over 20 5-star books this year, in many different genres, which is awesome. It makes picking a single favourite book of the year impossible though.

I wanted to share some stats about the blog, and luckily, Jetpack has some cool stats in my year end report:

blog stats

I try to post 6 days a week, Sunday through Friday, and I did that pretty well during the year.

blog stats

Comments are awesome, and I want to give a big thank you to everyone who leaves them, especially these amazing ladies!

blog stats

My most popular post was my 3 year giveaway, which means I’ll have to think of something pretty spectacular for my 4 year giveaway.

Upcoming in 2015:

I really concentrated on series books in 2014, I think this will flow over into 2015 quite a bit. I really want to get fully caught up on the series that I’ve been loving, and progress past book 1 in several more. That said, I also want to read some of the books languishing on my ereader. There are so many gems there I’m sure, I just need to get to them.

I’ve been thinking about challenges for 2015, and I don’t think I’m going to do any. I finished quite a few early in 2014, and I find that it feels awkward to go from lots to just a few. I think that if I just forgo all of them, it will help me concentrate on reading what I want.

Mood reading was another big theme for 2014, and I think it was really successful. I plan to keep it up, although I do have quite a few Jan-Mar ARCs I want to read. Luckily, I’m excited about them all, so it makes it easier to pick them up. I’ve gotten really picky at accepting review books, and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

  3 Responses to “2014 in review – includes my favourite books of the year”

  1. I FEEL SO AWESOME šŸ˜€ Now to beat Jessica and Carmel next year, mwahahaha! I’m skipping challenges this year too since I want to just read whatever strikes my fancy and ignore that whole “growth” thing šŸ˜‰

    • Haha. I love reading whatever, although having a few must-reads is good too. Apparently I just need to find the right balance, and being challenge free is a way I’m going to try this year. It will be weird since this is the first year I haven’t had any challenges since I started blogging.

  2. Nice! Congrats on 161 books last year. (Sorry, I know this is an old post, but I love books in review posts).

    “Each month, except for December, I declared a favourite book of the month, which gives a top eleven list for the year.” — That is a really good way of keeping track of favorite books! I’m usually like, ah, yeah, that I liked well enough to be a favorite. It’s got me thinking. And then this year, writing out the 2014 list, I was like, oh no. I actually have to choose???

    I confess to being really curious about The Impossible Knife of Memory. One of my favorites this year was Speak via audiobook, and Impossible Knife seemed to have made a bunch of different literary and blogger lists this year too. Trying to decide which Laurie Halse Anderson book I want to read next…

    Loved Shadow and Bone when I first read it (and today too!)!. I hope you get to enjoy the other two in the series :).

    I’ve been hearing a bunch about Jetpack and reading stats. I wish I had whatever app that is, or plug-in.

    You’re headed up to 4 years of blogging soon? Me too!

    “There are so many gems there Iā€™m sure, I just need to get to them” — This is one of my goals too. That’s why I’ve cut back on ARCs, but sounds like you’ve gotten better at choosing what you want to read and that’s less of an issue for you? How awesome :). Yay! Here’s to us both getting to read some fantastic titles this year!

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