Nov 022014

So you may have noticed my site was down for the last 3 days of October. That sucked, but everything is back up and running now. I was intending to take some time then and write my review backlog, but instead ended up watching all my PVR’d episodes of Chopped. It’s funny, I hate cooking, but basically the only tv I watch is Food Network.

Books read:
Fifth Grave Past the LightFifth Grave Past the Light – Yet another book in this series which I loved. This is quickly becoming my favourite series ever.

VenomVenom – Yet another series I’m loving, this one in audiobook. I couldn’t imagine switching to reading instead of listening, the narration is just too tied to my views of the series now.

Beyond the ShadowsBeyond the Shadows – I finally finished the trilogy, and I’m surprised at how strong the love theme is in this epic fantasy story with assassins.

Just GirlsJust Girls – This book is just amazing. I may have finished it just before the end of October, but I think I’m already calling it my favourite read for November, just so I’ll be able to mention it more than once this month.

The Ultra Thin ManThe Ultra Thin Man – A curious mix of classic detective and modern alien science fiction. I’m not sure if I liked it as I spent most of the book confused and hoping for explanations.

Books received:
None. Although if the HarperCollins sale prices would appear on Amazon for me, I’d have picked up a few ebooks since I have a gift card balance just waiting to be used. *fist shake*

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