Nov 162014

I made it to Ontario! Let the visit begin. Actually, I arrived yesterday. I have basically all this week pre-scheduled, so I likely won’t be online much, but I’ll probably be popping on and off. The funny thing is that I seemed to do a ton of reading this week, even before I faced the cross country plane ride.

Books read:
Death MasksDeath Masks – A very full adventure with lots of familiar faces and a few new ones.

The Accidental AlchemistThe Accidental Alchemist – A fun story featuring lots of tea, and an awesome living gargoyle who cooks the most amazing sounding food.

The Fourth Rule of TenThe Fourth Rule of Ten – A fun mixture of tranquil inner reflection and fast paced bullet-flying action.

The Forgotten GirlsThe Forgotten Girls – A quick Danish police procedural that felt familiar and foreign at the same time.

Books received:

Easy Origami Animals The Secrets of Midwives The Knife's Edge

It appears that Netgalley struck again. The problem with signing in to submit reviews and download approved books is that I look at the current offerings. I picked up The Secrets of Midwives and Easy Origami Animals. I expect my review of the origami book will be different from usual as I’ll include photos of some of the animals I fold. I love origami, I even have a page-a-day calendar for 2015 that I can’t wait to play with. I also received The Knife’s Edge for a book tour early next month.

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