Nov 142014

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Today is the day! My plane leaves tonight at 7 pm and I start my trip home to Ontario. I can’t call it a holiday since I have to work most days, but I’m still very excited.

Part of any trip is deciding what to take with you. As a book blogger, I find I spend as much time debating book choices as I do clothing. I want to take books that I’m sure I will read, but I don’t want to weight down my luggage too much.

This is when I love having an ereader. I’ve decided to take that, and no physical books. Even better, I don’t have any books I need to read while I’m gone. I am not committed to any review dates for the rest of November, and I only have 2 in December. This means that I can really mood read.

In preparation, I have loaded some of my January Netgalley books as I have quite a few. I figure that with no books scheduled, and enough reviews already done to last a few weeks, I can get ahead a bit. I can also capitalize on my excitement of just being approved for some of the books by reading them right away.

Basically this post is me saying I’m going to be reading ebooks only over the next little while, without any sort of preplanning my book selection. It’s times like these I love technology. I just hope I don’t have any issues with my ereader. Knock on wood.

If you were going away for 10 days, what would you take to read?

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  1. Even if I was planning to read mostly e-books, I would be so paranoid of my ereader dying on the plane or something because I forgot to charge it that I would have to have at least one physical book with me >.>. I do love when I don’t feel stressed about what I need to read on a trip, though I always think I’ll read more than I do. Apparently you don’t magically get more time when traveling to read, haha.

    • I’m definitely doing less reading than I expected to get done. I also made sure to charge my reader the day before I left, and brought my charger with me, even though I usually only charge once a month.

  2. I read almost exclusively on an ereader because it is so portable. My Tablet, computer, and phone also have Kindle installed so if one dies, the other is good to go. Sadly, I don’t get to read much when traveling anymore. My one year old requires attention, lol.

    • I go through spurts where I read mostly books and then mostly physical. Ebooks are definitely the best for travel though. And children really do take the place of reading time. I find travelling with kids is so much more stressful than going by yourself.

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