Nov 262014

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I’m home from my trip! It’s was a great trip, although it felt way too short. The last 5 days were particularly rushed. But it was overall good to get home and see everyone.

I took the trip as a true break from everything. I barely read, and did zero blogging beyond what was already scheduled. Which explains the almost week long break in posting. It was good for me as it gave me time to rest and relax fully.

I always feel awkward when there is a posting break since I rarely have it. I question whether to just start posting reviews right away, or should I do a “I’m back” post. In this case, I’m doing a discussion about what I should do, which admittedly sounds even odder.

So I put the question to you. If you take a little break, do you announce when you come back, or just pick up your regular posting?

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  1. I would just hop right back into it. This is a personal opinion, so take from it what you will, but I always find it a bit of odd to visit a blog for the first time and see a post like that. It makes me feel like the person is not consistent and I often won’t come back. Now, I know you’re VERY consistent, but I’m a regular reader so I’m more likely to notice. For someone new, seeing a post like that, they might be a bit put off.

    My two cents worth!

  2. If I’m only gone for a short trip I don’t do an I’m back type of post, at least not on the book blog. On my personal blog I’ll do a post about my trip. But, on the book blog I tend to schedule posts in advance so even when on vacation things are still active.

  3. Hmm I guess it depends on how long the break was for. Like, if it was months, then I might recap what I was up to while I was gone. Actually, I’d probably just do a break recap rather than an announcement post as I find the announcement posts kinda pointless..

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