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Blog stats. It’s something that is really important to most new bloggers, and that may or may not remain important as your blog ages. I’ve read 2 great posts in the last month that talk about blog stats. On Starships and Dragonwings talked about real stats (with real numbers) and Nose Graze described how and why stats matter to her.

With my blog quickly approaching the 4 year mark (yikes – how?!), I feel like I’ve had several cycles of stats. They were important to me in the beginning, then I stopped looking, then I cared about certain stats, and currently, I don’t look again.

I don’t have my stats from the whole life of my blog (that would be neat to see), I only have since Feb 2014, but I’m not afraid or ashamed about sharing:
blog stats 2014
My unique monthly visitors (UMV) hover around 500, while my monthly pageviews vary widely between 1000-2000.

I know that at one point my stats averaged higher, but I also now that in the current book blogging trend of moving towards blogs which are book focused with lots of discussions, my style of posting predominantly reviews is less common and popular.


I’m comfortable with my stats and my style. I don’t pitch my blog (and my stats) to many people or publishers, and in the rare instances where I do, I tend to stress my longevity, posting frequency and reading frequency, which seems to work out for me. I mostly request ARCs through Netgalley, and due to how long I’ve been on the site, my approval rating is really high due to a glitch with older requests, so I rarely get turned down.

Netgalley approval rating

I know there are plenty of things I could do to increase my stats, like writing more discussion posts and commenting on lots more blogs, but I only have so much time, and honestly, I’d rather be reading. I do appreciate each and every visitor, and comments make my day like you wouldn’t believe, but at this point in time, the actual stats of my blog aren’t as important to me. In fact, other than looking them up in order to write this post, and when I commented on Anya’s post, I can’t remember the last time I actually looked at them.

When was the last time you looked at your stats? Is it something you do often that is important to you? Or is there some other aspect that you consider to be more important?

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  1. I go up and down too, with whether I care about my stats or not. At the moment…*hangs head* I do quite obsess over them a fair bit. When I started I like checked EVERY DAY. Now it’s a lot less, but I do like to see my followers widgets climb higher. 😉 I don’t pitch my stats to a lot of people either…but I’m happy that they’re not too shabby if/when I do need to. Ugh, though, I have a 100% ration on Netgalley but I get declined for EVERYTHING. >.> I think it might also have to do with me being in Australia and most books are only available for USA. I hate that Netgalley works like that though. *Sighs*

    • Netgalley does seem a little biased towards the US, but I’m also happy they lump Canada within that, unlike most physical ARCs. I’ve seen more UK only and Australia only titles lately, so maybe they’re expanding in that respect.

  2. I’ve been keeping my dashboard stats counter minimized so that I don’t think about it ;-). So it sounds like you don’t have an interest in getting physical ARCs much? I don’t have too much trouble on NetGalley, but there are some publishing houses where I still feel like my email is broken or something since I never hear back, haha. Oh well, just means more time for the older books I’d love to read too!

    • I find I read the eARCs faster somehow. I love getting physical copies, but I never know what to do with them afterward since I’m not a book collector at all, just a reader. I also find it’s easier to get eARC approval most of the time.

  3. 166%??! wow. my netgalley stats are below recommended for sure, but i am always trying to work on it…

    • It’s because of a glitch with lots of older accounts. If you notice, it shows I have 64 approvals but 115 feedback. So it thinks I’ve submitted feedback on more books that I was approved for, which actually isn’t possible. If it counted it properly, I’d still have a 90%+ rating though since I’ve only not submitted feedback on a few books that I forgot and ran out of time on.

  4. Yeah, I probably benefit from that as well… although I still only have about a 40% ratio… someday!

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