Oct 122014

Happy Thanksgiving! It’s Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend, and we’re having a quiet one. We hosted Thanksgiving last year, but aren’t doing anything this year. It’s been a quick and lovely year, and I’ve definitely thankful for that.

Books read:
Fade to BlackFade to Black – A unique magic story that did take a bit of time to get into. The slow start was worth the work though.

A Local HabitationA Local Habitation – While I only liked the first book, I quite loved this second book. Toby has horrible luck, and yet she’s such a likable heroine with good intentions that her adventures are really entertaining.

The Eye of ZoltarThe Eye of Zoltar – This was every bit as fun as I hoped and expected it to be.

Books received:
Fifth Grave Past the Light
The library strikes again and I grabbed a copy of Fifth Grave Past the Light by Darynda Jones. It doesn’t matter that I have 3 books I need to read before the end of the month, when this was available, I had to get it.

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