Oct 312014

I don’t have a lot of news this month. I participated in a fun giveaway hop (today’s the last day), booked a trip home for next month, and had an annoying eye twitch for most of the past week. Seriously annoying. I’ve never had a twitch last more than a day, and after several days, my eye was really sore and tired. I just wanted to sleep until it stopped.

Books read:

In October – 12
Year-to-date – 135

Favourite book of the month: My favourite book this month was Clean (Mindscape Investigations #1) by Alex Hughes. My review isn’t up yet as I have a slight backlog again, but it will be up next week. This reminded me strongly of The Dresden Files, which is a series I love, but was still very distinct.

Noteworthy Happenings:

I did another tag post, this time about my wishlist, and talked about blogging leading to authoring. It’s a trend I see quite a bit, but it’s not something that I want to pursue.

Challenge Status:

2014 TBR Pile Reading Challenge – 33/40 – one last challenge left unfinished. With few scheduled reads left in the year, I might actually finish this one too.

What’s coming in November?

I’m going home for a visit! Blogwise, not much. I’m too focused on my trip.

  2 Responses to “October 2014 in review”

  1. Often an eye twitch can be caused due to stress.
    Great month for books, I want to read Clean too.
    Happy November reading!

    • I’ve heard stress or fatigue are the biggest causes. So I’ve been trying to not strain my eyes with computers or bad lighting as much, and getting lots of sleep. Good ideas, even without an eye twitch.

      Clean is really good. I highly recommend it.

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