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After doing the TBR tag questionnaire, and explaining that I consider my TBR list to be different from my wishlist, I realized that the questions could be applied to either list. So today I’m answering the same questions for my wishlist.

How do you keep track of your wishlist pile?
I don’t. It’s just one big messy shelf on Goodreads. Except that I do keep a smaller next-in-series wishilst, as well as a small upcoming publication wishlist, which I consult when viewing Netgalley.

Is your wishlist mostly print or ebook?
I don’t consider wishlist books to be print or ebook, they’re just titles I want to read.

How do you determine which book on your wishlist to buy next?
Availability. If I see a title on my wishlist, then I pick it up.

The EverafterA book that’s been on your wishlist the longest.
The Everafter has been on my wishlist since I started keeping it on Goodreads in Jan 2011. That’s a long time. Looking at some of the older titles makes me realize I should clean up my wishlist and remove some titles I’m no longer interested in, but this one still has me intrigued.

The MartianA book you recently added to your wishlist.
This book came out earlier this year, but I’ve seen a few really positive reviews for The Martian recently, and so onto the wishlist it went. I love a good adult sci-fi story, and this one has a lot of plausibility to it.

A book in your wishlist strictly because of its beautiful cover.
I try not to add books solely because of the cover, but I’m sure there are several there for that reason.

A book in your wishlist that you never plan on reading.
I like to think I’d read all the books on my wishlist, but like I already mentioned, I need to clean up my list, and so there are probably lots of books there now that I’m no longer interested in reading.

An unpublished book in your wishlist that you’re excited for.
Liquid Fire by Anthony Francis. I loved the first two books in the series, and have been waiting very impatiently for the third to be released. There is still no scheduled date yet, which makes me sad, but I check every few months just to see if there is news.

The Name of the WindA book in your wishlist that everyone recommends to you.
If I use the Goodreads ratings as a guide, that book would be The Name of the Wind. With a 4.55 average rating from over 200,000 votes, that’s a pretty highly recommended book. My friend rating average is 4.41, which is still really high.

Number of books in your wishlist?
I don’t even want to admit this, but my Goodreads wishlist shelf has 577 books on it. Yup, that many. A clean up is definitely needed, but that’s a lot of books to think about. The idea of reviewing and cleaning up my list is pretty daunting.

Please tell me about your wishlist. If you’ve done the tag too, leave a link. I love to hear about other readers’ wishlists. Especially if they encourage me to add to my own, because obviously mine is not big enough.

  4 Responses to “Discussion: Wishlist tag”

  1. Haha, I think my friends and family wishes that I had that many books on my wishlist, but I tend to go crazy with book buying instead of just putting them on a wishlist >.> But let me just affirm that yes omg you should read Name of the Wind!

  2. I have 246 books on my wishlist. And over 700+ on my Kindle in my To Be Read folder. Plus a number of hardbacks/paperbacks on my bookshelf that I haven’t started yet.

    Needless to say, I haven’t put my wishlist on Goodreads, nor have I put the full “To Be Read” list up there either. Like you, I should most likely go through and see which books I no longer have the interest in reading. But that sounds like way too much work. Maybe next month. Or next year. *laughs*

    I always link my family to my wishlist on amazon for the holidays (the one only for books that is…) And every year, what do I get? Clothes. Movies. Trinkets. Or some random book NOT on my list that I’ve never heard of.

    • It’s amazing how fast books accrue on ereaders. There is something about “out of sight, out of mind” that is certainly true in this case.

      It’s too bad you don’t get books you want from your wishlist. You’d think they would use your wishlist since you obviously put some effort into creating it.

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