Sep 282014

This was been a very relaxing and exciting week. My son started school, and as a graduated kindergarten entry, went for 2 half days. I took Thursday and Friday off, and spent lots of time resting and relaxing. I could totally get used to not working, lol.

Books read:
Fourth Grave Beneath My FeetFourth Grave Beneath My Feet – Another great addition to the series, I flew through this book early in the week.

Eastern Standard TribeEastern Standard Tribe – It started slow, but turned into an entertaining and deep thought provoking story.

The Tudor ThroneThe Tudor Throne – More subdued than most Tudor stories, this was still an interesting glimpse at Mary and Elizabeth.

A Vision of FireA Vision of Fire: A Novel – Yes, I read this right away, and it felt really heavy and serious.

Books received:
A Vision of FireA Vision of Fire: A Novel by Gillian Anderson and Jeff Rovin

  2 Responses to “Week in review Sept 28”

  1. Yey, that’s so exciting about your son :D. I hear you about not working! Whenever I decide to take a week off to just read and relax, it’s so tempting to think about not going back, haha!

    • Time off is so much nicer than having to work. Although I’m sure if I had no financial need to work, I’d eventually get bored and find something to do.

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