Sep 212014

School is starting here! Yay! I’m very happy that there is finally a deal and my son starts kindergarten this week.

Books read:
Through the VeilThrough the Veil – A delightful romance that was both steamy and full of adventure and paranormal wonders.

The Husband's SecretThe Husband’s Secret – I’m really sorry to DNF this. I heard wonderful things, but when my iPhone did something and made the audiobook files unplayable, I realized I didn’t care enough about the story to fix it so I could finish it.

Books received:
The Mirror Empire, The Impossible Knife of Memory, The Replacement and Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet I actually have incoming physical books this week. The Mirror Empire arrived from The Book Depository, which I purchased immediately after reading Anya’s review at On Starships and Dragonwings. I found The Impossible Knife of Memory and The Replacement at Dollarama for $1.50 each and couldn’t resist. They also had Grave Mercy and The Last Dragonslayer there, both of which I’ve read and loved. I love that you can sometimes find great hardcover books there for a super low price. Finally, I picked up Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet at the library because I love this series and want to catch up as quickly as I can.

Allison's Brain Angelbound Penumbra
I also picked up a few ebooks. Allison’s Brain is the true story account of a woman recovering from a brain tumor, Angelbound was a free Kindle read whose cover grabbed my eye, and Penumbra is a book I was watching for on Netgalley as I love the series so far.

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  1. that’s crazy they had those books at dollarama! i really want to read the laurie halse anderson… may have to take a trip at some point!

    • My local Dollarama has had a lot of YA books lately. I’m not sure if they get a lot less adult books, or if they’re just bought right away, so I just keep an eye out when we go for anything that catches my eye.

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