Sep 142014

Well, two weeks of no school done, and the end still doesn’t look in sight. It’s frustrating.

On a personal side, the week wasn’t very good. I’m been feeling exhausted and under the weather, so I’m trying to do as much relaxing as possible this weekend. And instead of reading, I’ve been marathoning Supernatural. I’m about halfway through season 5 now. I don’t think I’ll be caught up before season 10 starts in October, but I’m enjoying it anyway.

Books read:
Generation 18Generation 18 – This second book was a strong sequel with an exciting plot, and some great series development.

Web of LiesWeb of Lies – I’m really glad I picked this as my Audible choice this month. Gin is sassy and fun and I love her adventures.

The Silent SisterThe Silent Sister – Secrets and lies and family, all tied into one captivating story. Even though I was exhausted, I stayed up late just to finish this one.

Books received:
I spent a little time browsing Netgalley this week, and ended up with 3 new titles to read. That’s not bad considering how easy it is to get caught up in the selection and pick too many.

The Gods of War The Three-Body Problem Through the Veil

Audible had a sale this week that featured mostly books 2 and 3 in popular series, and I picked up two books in series that I’m reading.

An Artificial Night Venom

I also went a little crazy on the Free Kindle lists this week. I really didn’t need to pick up any more books, but it’s hard to resist.

Crux Cupcakes, Trinkets, and Other Deadly Magic Graveyard Shift Influential Magic Maggie for Hire The Dark Citadel The Final Formula

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  1. I can see Web of Lies making an awesome audiobook! I read it physically and was only mildly entertained, but since I listen to audiobooks while driving, a fun and action packed read is much better! I hope you have a better week <3

    • I think the whole Elemental Assassin series is great in audiobook format, the narrator fits Gin great. She gets a little breathy sometimes, but overall, it’s a good match. I like action packed audiobooks too, they’re a little more engrossing.

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