Sep 302014

Another month done, and what a busy month. My son finally started kindergarten after a 3 week delay. He’s loving it, although he has a graduated entry, so it only starts full day every day next week. We’ll see how much he loves it once it’s an every day thing.

For me, this has been a tough month as I have been exhausted and feeling ill for most of it. I think it’s due mostly to the weather change. It’s been up and down here and fall is definitely starting. Hopefully October is filled with better health and less exhaustion.

Books read:

In Sept – 12
Year-to-date – 123

Favourite book of the month:
Picking my favourite book of the month was really hard this time because there weren’t a lot of books that I really loved this month. It’s sad, but it happens some times. Couple that with the fact that my reviews are in quite a backlog, so most of the books I read in Sept don’t have reviews posted yet. With that in mind, I’m picking Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet (Charley Davidson #4) by Darynda Jones. This is quickly becoming my favourite series, as it’s funny and emotional and action-packed. Charley is an incredible heroine and the full cast of characters is well developed and entertaining.
Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet

Noteworthy Happenings:

I had two discussion posts this month. First I talked about genres and how I read and blog about multiple genres, which can make answering the standard “what’s your favourite genre” question really hard to answer. I also did a fun TBR tag and shared exactly how old the oldest book on my ereader is. It’s not a pretty age.

Challenge Status:

2014 Ebook Challenge – 57/50 – Finished! I was so close last month that it would have been embarrassing not to finish this month.
2014 TBR Pile Reading Challenge – 32/40

What’s coming in October?

Spooktacular giveaway bannerSpooktacular Giveaway Hop – Oct 15-31
This will be either my third or fourth year participating in this giveaway hop. It is super fun, and super huge.

  3 Responses to “Sept 2014 in review”

  1. Enjoy the quiet moments while he is at school! 🙂

    Happy October reading!

  2. Phewf, busy month, eh? I’m glad your son is loving kindergarten. Big adjustment, that must be though. XD I hope it’s a smooth transition when he goes full time. And I hope you feel better soon. 😐 Here’s too a good October filled with energy and awesomeness, right?!

    • He’s adjusting really well, and enjoys it quite a bit. But I have learned that even a short car ride after 6 pm and he’s totally out, and very cranky when he awakes. So there are down sides.

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