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Today I feel like talking about genres. I was talking to someone, and they asked what genres I read, and I had a super hard time answering the question. I know I like to read a lot of different books, but I didn’t realize how unrelated my preferred genres may seem.

What do I mean?

Well, I can easily say my favourite genre is adult sci-fi & fantasy, especially anything paranormal or urban fantasy. But I also really like cozy mysteries. And Tudor period historical fiction. And YA issue books intrigue me greatly.

There are times that nothing except an adult contemporary romance will feed my reading urge. Never YA contemporary romance though, that just annoys me. Actually, most YA annoys me because it often lacks a certain depth that I find in adult books. Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of YA books I love, but just sometimes, the drama in YA stories gets to me.

So does it sound a little confusing to you yet what I read? I usually sum it up as “a little of everything, as long as it’s not erotica or religious preaching” since that pretty much encompasses everything.

What about you? Do you read/blog about only certain genres, or are you a little reading genre crazy like me?

  6 Responses to “Discussion: Do You Read or Blog Mostly One Genre?”

  1. A lot of bloggers seem to have a hard time describing themselves with only one genre, so I can definitely understand where you are coming from, but this has never been an issue for me. Anything, and everything paranormal—fortunately for me, that’s pretty broad because it encompasses YA, NA, UF, PNR, Fantasy, Steampunk, Erotica, etc. I do read the occasional non-supe book, however then just don’t review it. Easy peasy! I guess my comment probably didn’t help you overly much. LOL

    • I love that I know I can look up almost any paranormal book on your site, and there will be a review. I randomly saw a few werewolf books for free, and after checking your site, passed on two and picked up one. Being an expert in a certain genre pays off!

  2. I do love fantasy the most but I read a lot of different genres and age groups. I don’t read much mystery or suspense unless it’s talked up a lot or has a movie adaptation. I tend to avoid romance unless it’s a historical fiction that I’ll learn something from. I love the classics and I try to read as many award books, banned books, Top Book List books, etc as I can. I love horror but I tend to save it for October. I don’t read much contemporary but I’ll give it a go once in a while. It really just depends on my mood but I try to keep diverse reading habits. I think I’d get tired of books (even fantasy) if I didn’t mix it up. They would blur together and I wouldn’t remember them as well.

    • I feel like mood readers tend to read more genres, just because moods can be so diverse. And I agree that mixing up the genre helps keep books from blurring together.

  3. I mentioned this in my latest discussion post – I used to read mostly paranormal and fantasy, but have branched out a lot since I’ve been blogging. There are so many awesome books that I read about on other blogs now and I just want to read them all!

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