Aug 032014

Long weekend! Yay! We have family visiting this week, so I won’t be online or reading as much, but it’s nice to get out and enjoy the warm weather. My son in particular is loving that his cousin (only a year old) is here to play. They go non-stop all day.

As a great offset to my expected lower reading volume this week, I seemed to have a crazy good reading spurt last week. It’s a good thing I cleared my review backlog last weekend because it’s a huge list again already.

Books read:
The End of All ThingsThe End of All Things – A scary realistic catastrophe story about a rampant virus.

Memory ZeroMemory Zero – An exciting urban fantasy story with two different types of shifters: shapechangers and shapeshifters.

To Die FurTo Die Fur – A fun and humourous cozy mystery with more animals than you could imagine.

Summer KnightSummer Knight – Oh Harry, how I’ve missed you and your crazy antics. I finally caved and got an Audible account just so I could get the audiobooks for this series since they aren’t available through my library.

Eyes Like StarsEyes Like Stars – This was a super imaginative story set in a theatre. Very magical.

Books received:

Generation 18 The Violet Fox

Generation 18 (Spook Squad #2) by Keri Arthur
The Violet Fox (Violet Fox #1) by Clare C. Marshall

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  1. will be interested to see your thoughts on Clare’s book, she’s originally from Halifax! (we used to talk on twitter a bit)

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