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I know that a lot of book bloggers read multiple books at once, and a lot of non-bloggers don’t. I often get asked how I can do it since I usually have 2 books on the go: one regular book and one audiobook.

My answer is to always choose different genres. I find that if I try to read multiple books in the same genre, I can easily get confused and mix up the details. If I choose books from totally different genres, then the details stay defined, and I can more easily satisfy my mood reading habits.

For instance, as I write the post, I’m reading Sisters of Treason, which is a historical fiction about the Tudor family, and I’m listening to Catching Fire, which I’m sure you know is a YA dystopian. Very different topics and genres.

While I find it easy to read one book and listen to another, I cannot physically read multiple books, or listen to multiple audiobooks. The experience is too similar, even with differing topics. So I am limited in my ability, but I’m okay with that. I read quick enough that I rarely have cause to want to more books more quickly.

What about you? Are you able to read multiple books at once? Do you have any tips or strategies in doing so?

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  1. I have multiple books going at once too, in various media and in various reading locations. I have an audiobook I’m listening to in the car, an ebook I read at lunch at work, and a home book. If the books are too similar then yes, I find I sometimes get them confused – but that’s the book’s fault really – be unique! I typically enjoy only a few genres so I might be reading two books that fall in the same category, and they need to be written well enough to stand apart.

    • I can see how it should be easy to keep multiple books apart based on good writing. Maybe it’s because all my reading locations are too close together (i.e. I work at a home office) so there’s no separation there.

  2. Like you, I usually have one read and one listen on the go. Normally the genres are fairly similar, but I find the different formats help keep them separate (i.e. the voice in my head vs the narrator’s). I never used to double dip before blogging, but now I can’t stop. Great topic!

    • I think I’ve always done reading and audiobooks any time I’ve had commutes, but I would never have attempted two of the same format before blogging.

  3. I usually have 4-6 books going at once, one of which is an audiobook. I’ve never had problems switching between books, regardless of genre or anything like that. I’m not sure why, I just seem to be wired that way. But I’m with you about not being able to listen to more than one audiobook at a time; it’s just way too confusing. Love this topic. I’ve always been curious about how many books people read at once.

  4. I used to be a one book girl, but now I read 4-5 books.
    I set them apart by device genre and time.
    kindle: for my contemporary reads and its my bed time book.
    kobo ereader: for my unfinished series and new releases and its my travel book (handbag book)
    ipad: ya paranormal books, its my home book. the book I read to unwind at home with a hot chocolate.
    ipod: adult paranormal romances, this is my waiting book (waiting for bus or class to start or for the doctors) as well as my gym book (put it on the treadmill and read as I walk in the morning).
    paperback: my school books because I am studying English in uni, and I usually read these during my breaks between classes which usually are an hour or 2 between each class.

    • That is a lot of books at once! But it sounds like you have a good system to keep them separate though.

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