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Today I want to talk about reading challenges. With the year slightly more than half over, I’ve finished already 3 of my 6 reading challenges of the year, and I’m close to finishing another 2.

I was putting together some upcoming reviews, and I had to stop to think whether I continue to mark them as part of my finished challenges or not. I feel like I want to mark them as part of the challenge.

I feel like a review means more if it’s associated to a challenge. It’s silly since I’m reading them for me and my enjoyment, not because it’s a notch on my belt. So why do I feel a bit sad when I post a review that doesn’t count towards a challenge?

It makes me wonder if I should do away with my challenges, just so I don’t feel disappointed when it comes to the challenge box. Or, do I need to sign up for more challenges since I obviously finished my 2014 ones very quickly?

What do you think? Should I continue marking books as part of a challenge, even if I already reached my challenge goal? How do you feel about writing reviews for challenge books versus non-challenge books?

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  1. I think reading challenges are a fun idea to track what you’re reading, but I’ve noticed that I’m falling behind on a lot of them, so they are not fun to keep updated lol.

  2. I don’t participate in very many challenges because I find that tracking them is a pain, and I find them too constricting, unless they are more generalized like the audiobook one I signed-up for. So, no, they don’t make me feel more productive, but actually the reverse because of the time involved with adding URLs to linkys, etc. If I sign-up for too many, I end up spending LESS time reading which kinda defeats the point IMO.

  3. For myself, the reading challenges (ok, there might be a few too many) are what’s gotten me reading for pleasure or entertainment at all. If I could choose between 20 pieces of dark chocolate sea salt caramels and working through 20 reading challenges…I’d be hard pressed to choose! (Hey, maybe one caramel for each completed challenge!:)

    My reading has gotten back up to speed. My ‘bookkeeping’ *ahem*, unfortunately, has not.

  4. I honestly have never really felt like I understand challenges beyond the number of books read a year. I signed up for a bunch for 2013, stopped tracking them almost right away, signed up for some in 2014 and lost interest in tracking them a few months in >.>. I also tend to simply skip over challenge related information in reviews since I care more about what you thought about the review than if you read the book for a challenge ;-). But, I think it ultimately comes down to whatever makes you happy! If you really enjoy reading books for challenges, then perhaps you should increase your goal numbers for the challenges you already finished or sign up for some more 😀

  5. Some do make me feel more productive- if I can stay on top of them. I’m currently failing and falling behind on the challenge I’m currently participating in. Although, sometimes a challenge can make reading feel more like a job than for fun. Interesting topic! 🙂

    • Falling behind in challenges can be super discouraging. It’s a weird circle: getting ahead encourages more reading, and falling behind makes it harder.

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