Jul 062014

In a rare twist, I spent the whole week reading one book. It took me 8 days, starting on Thursday and going until the following Friday. That’s the longest a book has taken in a while. But once I finished it, I suddenly turned into a reading machine, so my reading list this week is still a decent size.

The week itself felt really fast. I love having a holiday midweek, it really helps split up the time. My day off was gorgeous: sunny and fun. I hope all of you had a good holiday too.

Books read:
Confessions of a Murder SuspectConfessions of a Murder Suspect – A very entertaining and intriguing story that lent itself well to audiobook format.

The GodlessThe Godless – I finally finished this. It’s a long book in length and feel, and I admit that I’m not sure if I really enjoyed it or not yet.

Next to YouNext to You – An interesting conclusion to a duology, this was narrated by a character I didn’t like, but I still enjoyed the story.

The LineThe Line – A southern magic story that was captivating and beautiful.

Books received:

Compass North Keep Your Enemies Close Raw Energy in a Glass Unworthy

Compass North by Stephanie Joyce Cole
Keep Your Enemies Close by H.S. Stone
Raw Energy in a Glass by Stephanie L Tourles
Unworthy by Joanne Armstrong

  2 Responses to “Week in review July 6”

  1. Aw, I’m sorry to hear that The Godless wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. I was really excited about that one since I just really love dead god plot lines. I had requested it and haven’t heard back yet, so maybe that’s for the best 😉

    • I was really looking forward to it to. Not sure what didn’t work of me exactly, but I just didn’t connect. Oh well.

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