May 112014

Last week was pretty much a vacation from anything book related. I was on holidays because my parents were visting, and I barely touched a computer, and definitely didn’t even look at a book the whole time. I had a great visit. This was the first time I’ve seen any of my family since we moved here last year, and it was lots of fun showing them around and doing tourist things.

We went hiking in an old growth forest, went to see a waterfall, spent lots of time at the beach, and my step-dad and husband went fishing on the ocean (yes, they caught some fish).

It was also my son’s fifth birthday, so we had a little celebration for that. He was very excited to have family here, and loved his new bike. I actually think the bike gloves were the biggest hit as he hasn’t taken them off since he got them. They are pretty cute.

Books read:

Books received:
There was a community book sale yesterday, and I did pick up a few books, in a wide variety of genres.
May books

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  1. aww sounds like a great week and your son is so cute!

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