May 152014

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Last month I talked about how I organize my Goodreads shelves. This week I thought I’d talk about how I organize my ereader. In summary: it’s a mess.

Similar to my conundrum about not knowing what Goodreads shelves to use, I have no good idea about how to organize my ereader. I have a Sony ereader (yay, I got it working again and didn’t replace it), which means I add my books to collections in order to group them. I have never figured out a system to use.

I have very few collections. Basically, I have:

  • Canadian
  • For review
  • Must read (books I am committed to reviewing that month)
  • Netgalley
  • Series (books 2 and later)
  • Wishlist (books that appeared first on my wishlist, but that I know own)

And that’s it. Almost everything is just grouped into one main unread collection.

As a mood reader, this system is horrible. I need to figure out a system to organize my books, probably by genre, so that I can find the right type of book for my mood.

The only good thing I do is that after I read a book, I delete it from my ereader. I have a backup on my computer for books I own, so my ereader contains only unread books. There are currently 305 books on my ereader. The very idea of taking the time to organize that many books almost hurts.

So I want to know, how do you organize the books on your ereader? Any ideas or tips you could give me? I’d love to hear them.

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  1. title and author 😛 that’s it! I did just order a kindle too ($59! and so many cheap books!) so maybe i’ll be better with that. I do have the same delete when I’ve read it system though.

    • Mine does title and author too, but it’s so hard to pick when flipping through, especially if I forget what the book is about, which happens frequently. Then I’m judging from title and cover, and that’s not always good.

  2. My kindle isn’t that organized. I do have a collection for “read” and “book club” and “to-read” to I can find those next reads faster.

    • Yay for someone else not being organized! How many books do you have on your Kindle? I imagine that’s an okay system for a small number, but when you start to have a huge library, it seems disorganized to me.

  3. I mostly read on my phone now, and the only options in the Kindle app are title, author, or recent. I have it sent to recent now because I usually only download things that I’m about to read.

    • You only download books you’re about to read? That is serious willpower there. But I guess if you’re on your phone, you do need to conserve space.

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