Apr 062014


I had a good week! My birthday was relaxing. I had the day off, and my son and I watched Frozen and Tangled, which was fun. We also went to the beach and out to dinner, and I ended the day with a 2 hour chat with my mom. It was a great way to spend my birthday.

I also got my Sony ereader working again, so I can put off the decision between a Kindle and Kobo. I’m not sure why I’m so indecisive about the choice, but I am.

Books read:
Before I DieBefore I Die – I just didn’t like this. Tessa straight up annoyed me and I couldn’t generate an emotion other than digust for the way she treats everyone.

Books received:
The Iron ThornThe Iron Thorn (Iron Codex #1) by Caitlin Kittredge – I got this in a trade with YA Booklover Blog

  2 Responses to “Week in review Apr 6”

  1. I haven’t read both books. It’s too bad you didn’t like Before I Die. I’ve only read a couple of Jennifer Donnelly’s books and this one isn’t it. You should try her other work.

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy The Iron Thorn.

    Happy reading!

    • I was surprised I didn’t like it as I did enjoy other similar books.

      I’m looking forward to The Iron Thorn. It’s been on my wishlist for a while.

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