Apr 272014


This week felt so long. It was my first full week back to work after 3 weeks of having every other day off. And it was so slow… Ugh…. But now I only have 4 days until I’m on holidays again. Yay!

Books read:
Magic BurnsMagic Burns – I loved the first book, but this one barely kept my interest. It felt like Kate was watching most of the action instead of being in it.

Poison StudyPoison Study – This book was awesome! So interesting and twisty, and Valek! Loved him!

Books received:
Own ItOwn It!: Be the Boss of Your Life–at Home and in the Workplace by Tabatha Coffey

April book saleThere was a community book sale this weekend, and I found a few books. Like every other one I’ve gone to here, the sci-fi/fantasy selection was quite small. I did find a few books from the Elemental Assassin series that I debated about, but I decided they were too far way from where I was in the series to justify picking them up. I had a hard enough time with Third Grave Dead Ahead since I haven’t technically started the series yet.

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