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Review: NightwalkerNightwalker (Dark Days #1) by Jocelynn Drake
Published by HarperCollins on Aug 7, 2008
Genres: Adult, Urban Fantasy
Format: Paperback from Purchased
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Rating: four-stars

For centuries Mira has been a nightwalker--an unstoppable enforcer for a mysterious organization that manipulates earth-shaking events from the darkest shadows. But elemental mastery over fire sets her apart from others of her night-prowling breed . . . and may be all that prevents her doom.

The foe she now faces is human: the vampire hunter called Danaus, who has already destroyed so many undead. For Mira, the time has come to hunt . . . or be hunted.

The start of an urban fantasy series, this book features a very strong heroine who gives no apologies for her behaviour, a semi-partner who seems both good and evil, and a unique paranormal enemy in the form of naturii, who are a combination of elves and fae.

I quite enjoyed the fast paced action, especially in the later half of the story. There is a lot going on, and most of it involves action and adventure. We do get a glimpse at Mira’s history, which provides a softer, more rounded view of her rather than just the tough exterior shown in the first part of the book.

My favourite character is definitely Danaus. What he is exactly remains a mystery, but he’s not straight human or anything that Mira can identify. I have my suspicions and theories though. What I do know is that he’s complex and doesn’t seem very thrilled about the complications that keep arising in his vampire hunter life.

Overall, this was a fun and entertaining read. I like all the mystery that still remains at the end of the book. It’s not frustrating at all, but is instead a great incentive to keep reading.

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  1. I read this series a few years back, and thought it was really solid. I have the first two books of Drake’s new series, but haven’t managed to read them yet. Soon, I hope 😉 And I hope you keep liking these books!

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