Apr 172014

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Pet peeve time. I dislike when the name of a series is the same as the title of the first book. For example, The Hunger Games is the title of the series, and the first book in that series.

I find it confusing because when someone talks about The Hunger Games, I always question whether they are referring to the book or the series. Why must there be a confusion? Why can’t the series name be different? It’s not like most series are spur of the moment decisions, with the author having no idea they were going to write a series. To me, that’s the only logical time the book one title should equal the series name.

This isn’t really something I’ve thought about before, but having read quite a few series books so far this year, it’s something I keep thinking of. Basically every time I write Title (Same Title #1) for a review. For some reason it greatly annoys me.

Does it annoy you? Am I alone in this pet peeve?

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  1. I see it so much that it just becomes expected. So I can’t say it has bothered me, because it feels like it is the norm. However I do notice and sometimes even get confused when that is not the case. heh

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